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Yumiko Kimura was born in Tokyo, Japan. She is an artist who lives and works in Paris, France. Kimura specializes in glass art. Her practice is concerned with the idea of transformation, in particular creating transparent forms based on the three main characteristics of glass: reflection, transmittance and refraction. Geometric shapes inspire her stunning glass structures.

Kimura graduated from the BUNKA Fashion Institute in Tokyo. In the summer of 1981, Kimura travelled to Italy, France and the United Kingdom on a study tour led by her art history professor. During the tour she visited Galleria dell'Accademia in Florence. There she experienced first-hand masterworks by Michelangelo Buonarroti, which influenced her on a deeply spiritual level and prompted her move to Turin in 1984 to study sculpture at the Albertina National Academy of Fine Arts. In Turin, Kimura was also able to fully immerse herself in Italian design. There she also learned product design with various design luminaries. Kimura lived in Turin for 10 years, and then moved back to Tokyo. On her return, she further developed her fascination with the transparency of glass and experimented with several glass techniques to find a contemporary expression.

Kimura’s passion for glass art encouraged her move to Paris in 1999. There she researched contemporary glass art in Europe, which prompted her decision in 2001 to work with float glass plate glued with ultraviolet light. In 2002, she combined LED light with her glass sculptures.

In 2005, Kimura met artist Carmelo Arden Quin, the founder of the International MADI Movement. This meeting was significant and solidified her artistic direction of combining geometric art with transparent glass forms. Kimura regularly exhibited her glass objects at Galerie ORION (Centre d'art géométrique MADI), which was managed by Arden Quin in Paris. She has participated in many group and solo exhibitions in France, Japan, Argentina, Hungary, Italy, the USA, Russia and China. Exchanges with artists from other countries stimulate her creativity. Her works are held in many private and public museum collections around the world.

Since 2007, she has regularly participated in the Salon des Réalités Nouvelles. In 2013, she completed a fusing internship with Perrin & Perrin, and then began creating her works in situ. This has allowed Kimura to expand the space of the transparent form.


Solo Exhibitions
2018 : Transparent Shape IIV, Gallery Mura & Gallery 403,Tokyo JAPAN
2017 : # 48 Spatial Forms, Abstract Project Gallery, Paris FRANCE
2016 : Sculpted / In glass, Wood and Museumboard, Museum of Geometric and Madi Art, Dallas U.S.A
2015 : Incontro possibile vetro e carta, Galleria Marelia, Bergamo ITALY
2013 : Transparent form, Aquarium Gallery, Valenciennes FRANCE

Selected Group Exhibitions
2018 : Una altra geometria, 21st Museum, Kanazawa JAPAN
2018 : Sorrento Young Art, Villa Fiorentino, Sorrento ITALY
2017 : Women’s Sculptors, The Tannery, Houdan FRANCE
2017 : # 52 Kinetics, Abstract Project Gallery, Paris FRANCE
2016 : Arte Madi International,Terlizzi, Pinacoteca Michele of Napoli, Terlizzi ITALY
2016 : Rhythm & Geometry, Cordeliers Convent, Châteauroux FRANCE
2015 : 7th sculpture exhibition in Ølgod, culture center, Ølgod DENMARK
2014 : Biennale Laureates, House of Arts, Conches FRANCEC

-Permanent Collections-

Mobile MADI Museum: Budapest HUNGARY
Umbro Apollonio Museum: San Martino di Lupari (Padova) ITALY
MAGI Museo delle Eccellenze: Pieve di Cento (Bologna) ITALY
Glass Museum: Conches FRANCE
Museum of Geometric and Art Art: Dallas USA
City of Agrigento, Agrigento ITALY
City of Saint Gobain, Saint Gobain FRANCE